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Auto Repair in Belgrade, MT

Bringing Affordability to Reliability

Located in Belgrade, Montana, Vallise Automotive Group has been the community’s trusted auto repair provider since 2017. When we opened our facility, we knew that our community was looking for quality and reliable auto care. It wasn’t enough to get the job done, it needed to be done right. That meant we had to really step up to the bar to succeed in the eyes of our customers. Today, we offer quality care for an affordable rate with a “mom and pop” feel to our shop that only comes from local service.

We Believe in Accessible, Reliable Repairs

We believe costs should never be a barrier to driving a quality performing vehicle, and we make sure you’re always driving a car you can trust. Whether you need basic general maintenance or advanced repairs, know that our team can get the job done right. We offer a full list of services that are available to all makes and models. Our extensively trained and experienced techs make sure to use high-quality equipment and parts as well, so your vehicle can achieve its full potential. Our services include general repair, preventative maintenance, diesel repair, transmission repair, engine repair, and more. We happily provide free 15 minute inspections at the start of appointments as well, so customers can find out what’s wrong with their cars and what can be done to fix it. When you opt for service with us, know that you’re placing your vehicle in the hands of some of the best automotive professionals in Montana.

You deserve quality, reliable auto care, and we work hard every day to ensure that’s the result each time. Give us a call at (406) 600-1025 or visit us on 50 Sundown Meadow Road and learn how we can help you drive the best version of your vehicle on a budget.

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A Commitment to You

Vallise Automotive Group opened to serve a purpose in our community. We needed more than basic auto repair services. We needed someone we could trust to go the extra mile in assessing vehicle health and personalizing service for each individual. At our facility, our goal is not only to provide high-quality auto service for your vehicle, but also to provide quality care for you as well. We work hard to provide the best for our customers when it comes to automotive counsel, and we’re not afraid to say no or even refuse a certain service if it isn’t in the best interests of our customers. And just because we discover something amiss with your vehicle, doesn’t mean we’ll demand you fix it that second. Our experts can tell you what repairs are urgent, and what can be scheduled for another time. We happily work with customers to find the right services for their situation, and we even provide free quotes so they understand what they're paying for.

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